> Angela's Wedding

Angela and Glen "Boo"
Going to the garden
"Bubble Girls" filling their baskets
Mom Wanda, Angela, Glen and Dad Doug
Brad, Wanda, Angela, Glen and Doug
Brad, Wanda, Angela, Glen, Doug and Tim
Cute picture!
The Moak Family and Glen
Ms Wanda's Mom made it to this picture.
Braeden Moak
The Brad Moak Family
Tim Moak
Groom's Table
Overall view of the pool seating.
The Brides Cake
Doug escorting Angela
Dad giving the bride away!
Other side of the pool
A view of the crowd.
Sweet, sweet ceremony!
The Vows
Exchanging the rings
Pouring the sand
Sand Blending
Mr. and Mrs. Glen Michael Mire
Enough already!! Get a room!
The rings are beautiful!
Grandmother looking beautiful!
Wanda inspecting the truck!
They left in a shower of bubbles!