Great Bude Run victors!
Sam waiting for his game.
"In the park" homerun!!
Sam gets ready to bat.
The Southward Clan 2008
Hal, Jr.; Tom and Jody
Tiffany, Jody, Shelby, Emily, Abbey, Bryden and Hayden
Savannah and Shelby
Wes and Tasha
Melanie and Abby
The Sleeper!
Leigh, Tom, Carolyn and Hal, Jr.
Snack time and a nap!
Jimmy and Mitzi
Aunt Lonette, Leigh and Uncle Fairless
Shelly bonding with Dooley
Kerry, Amelia and Joslyn
Carolyn, Landon and Ray [with cousin Barbara]
Andrew, Wes, Martin, Suzanne, Emma Grace, Billy and Veda
The Smitherring's
Abby, Tom Shirlee and Melanie
Abby and Tom